♡ Kira ♡

I'd like to set her soul right and show her a glorious time...

:):) Yoshikage Kira is the main villain of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable. He is a salaryman working for Kame-Yu department stores and all that, you can find most of his personal info by searching for his copypasta which is likely where most will hear his voice first. Kira is a serial killer with a particular, well.. "like" for hands and likes to keep severed hands with him on his ordinary day-to-day life. Kira's personality (beneath his level-headed persona) is obsessive, psychopathic and egocentric; he is seen getting lost in his anger and sacrificing his own safety/plans to pay it back.

Part 4 was actually the last part I watched in my run of Jojos! I skipped it to get straight to part 5 in fear of that part being spoiled as it had just come out when I got to part 4 initially, so I was pretty stoked when suddenly I had a proper favourite after not having latched onto many characters along the way. I'd say the thing that drew me to Kira was the fact you could pass anyone on the streets exactly like Kira, his personality and motives are, unfortunately achievable. Unlike villains like DIO, who's motives were taking over the world, his personality being over the top flamboyant narcissist aren't typical personalities for the everyday person. I'll come back when my thoughts are more coherent about this and fix it up ;P

In the second arc of Kira's story he kills and impersonates another salaryman, Kosaku Kawajiri, who unbenknownst to him had a wife and child, Kira then has to learn how this man usually behaves and acts around his family so he isn't found out. The family is luckily pretty dysfunctional, the man's wife, Shinobu, is standoffish, passive aggressive and expects her husband to silently but angrily ignore her; while their son, Hayato, doesn't speak to either of them.

Kira almost perfectly fits the family role except he's sly, he steals money to fake paying back their landlord, cooks meals which Kosaku never did, and accidentally snaps off the buttons on Shinobu's dress in a moment of blind lust before containing himself. Completelty by mistake, Kira saves this dying marriage of an already dead man by re-sparking Shinobu's love for her husband's new bold nature and bringing Hayato closer to his mother out of concern when he realised his dad was an imposter. Once Shinobu regains her feelings, Kira begins falling for her too. I'd say this exact part of the arc is when Kira's favourite character ranking skyrocketed in my heart. what can I say, I have a soft spot for redemption arcs. (not that Kira's really exists...)

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