♡ Welcome to my kinlist page! ♡

[DISCLAIMER] This is a list of characters that are all extremely similar to me! My definition of kin is not the spiritual kind! I do not believe myself to be these characters.

I'll put a gif of the characters and their names on the left; the right will have a brief reasoning as to why I kin them along with a note underneath of any important trigger warnings for their media!

I am Pink coded!

Pinkie Pie

One of my top kins! If that, my top kin! ♡ Pinkie was my favourite as a kid, and shaped my personality when I was younger, she's the character my peers think of when asked what character I'm like! I think of myself as cheery, loving and bouncy like her!

Pink coded character!

Madoka Kaname

It's trickier to say why I kin Madoka, I think specifically her thinking process and character arc through the anime and SPOILERS!! her deciding whether to be a magical girl or not but getting caught up on the small details, feeling helpless to act because of her perceptions on her own abilities. And that shes a pink-coded lesbian with similar bonds to her friends as me.

Pink coded character!

TW; major character death, dark themes

Akko Kagari

Akko!!!! I knew I kinned her from episode 1! She's clumsy, behind on her peers in all subjects, incredibly passionate and emotional and full of wonder and whimsy! I relate to her stubbornness and the sheer amount of mess-ups, the lack of "natural" talent she has.

Pink and Red coded character!

Tohru Kobayashi

Where to begin???? Tohrus bubbly airheaded personality, her love for Miss Kobayashi, her general cluelessness I kin her sense of home in Kobayashi and want for her love to be shown back, see the scene where she "confronts" kobayashi about not showing affection back when she wholeheartedly devotes herself to her. I like to think me and Tohrus personalities are suuuuper similar! Shes one of my favourite kins ♡

Pink, Yellow and Green coded character!


Kind regular run-of-the-mill lady whos actually full of rage and terrified??? That's just me!!!! How she puts up with so much she wishes she could call out, but sits bitterly until she can quite literally scream!!! Her wish to be a bride while forgetting the important step of being in love and being loved, and her general morals and feelings mirror mine! Maybe I should take up screamo lessons...

Pink and Red coded character!

TW; stalking

Shinobu Kawajiri

Shinobu's helpless romantic nature, *cough the men she's interested in *cough cough*, her false damsel in distress act she uses to get attention from Kira etc etc I'm not sure how else to say I kin her, to be honest I don't remember why I added her to my kinlist, but I'm correct we are one in the same.

Pink and Purple coded character!

TW; major character death, su!cide, dark themes, mild gore, murder

Noelle Holiday

Noelleeeeeeee sweetheartttt. This ones a little rougher on the reasons, so I'll start light. I've had friends tell me Noelle reminded them of me in their playthroughs, and while its such an honour, Noelle is very kind and has a soft spot for punk girls, I think I may need to grow a spine. One of her biggest character points is how she wont stand up for herself, is very easy to boss around and manipulate. I will not be commenting on this, theres a reason shes on my kinlist!

Green coded character!

TW; murder


Gosh I adore Bee!! I was so excited to add her here! Clumsiness, airheaded, sleepy, loves food, her body shape, her attitudes to life, her lack of motivation to do things till the last minute, her love for her friends, her humour!!!! Need I say more I adore Bee please go watch ((the original first)) Bee and Puppycat on youtube!!!!!

Pink coded character!

Sadie Miller

Sadie's band arc... is everything to me...... retail employee.. bigger dreams.... lacks confidence... strong attatchment to best friend.... the entire song of Working Dead. Her body type, her hair. I love you Sadie

Purple coded character!


Okie before I start with this one, I gotta clarify; I do NOT support Hetalia, I'm talking through nostalgias eyes as this was one of my very first animes! If ur not cool with that no hard feelings!

Feli was one of my very first kins!!!! His bubbly energy, all over the place actions, bit of a flirt and hopeless romantic, childish, latches onto people and doesnt let go easy, loves girls (I hc him as bi like me♡), is very physically affectionate, loves food, makes strange noises for fun and stims!!!

Blue coded character!

Doppio Vinegar

Doppio is also, a darker one. I wont go into him in much detail but if you know the show you know how him and Diavolo are. Other than that, naivety, airheaded (you sensing a theme yet? lol), and loyal but led by his emotions. Doppio is hardly cold and calculated until Diavolo demands him to be.

Pink and Purple coded character!

TW; major character death, su!cide, dark themes, mild gore, murder


The movie broke me. Spinel and the song drift away hit me when I was feeling Spinel's pain. I adore her, how shes sweet and childish and naive but that was her downfall, and she had her heart broken. Waiting for things to become right again fully trusting pink. Man I love spinel so very much.

Pink coded character!


Another dark one. I will not be clarifying to keep all of this sfw, but aside from the main character trait given to her; Sayori and I both love sweets, are very cuddly and open with our friends, easy to influence and if I were in a dating sim I have no doubts I'd be the childhood friend type!

Pink coded character!

TW; dark themes, ab!se, su!cide, major character death, self harm on screen