♡ ART ♡


I've been drawing since I was a kid, but I found I really liked it when I got into high school, and I started drawing small colourful dogs doing the caramelldansen on everything. I guess it just spirals from there. This page will have a selection of pieces I'm proud of! Check my contacts page for links to anywhere I post art!

If you're interested in commissions, send me a DM through an account on my contact page, or send me an email with the gmail address at the bottom of the page♡ I'd be happy to discuss with you. I'll list some prices here :)

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♡ I use £, but I only use paypal, so don't worry about conversion rates ♡

♡ rough sketch £5 ♡ cleaned sketch £10 ♡ clean lineart £15 ♡ lineless £20

♡ no/flat colour +£2 ♡ simple/cel shading & highlights +£5 (will discuss depending on piece and design :) ♡

backgrounds will be included in shading price, I'm inexperienced with them so at most I'll add £2-4 for a complex bg

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Birthday art for Distressedtape♡

lineless, pattern background

site art!

clean lineart, simple shading, full colour

Artfight attack for Raynbow on Artfight

lineless, pattern background

Some cool demon lady!!!

clean sketch, shading, no background

Bunny OC clothes concept

sketch, simple shading, no background

Humanised/Trainer-ified Mew

cleaned sketch, shading, no background

PSG Sona concept

sketch, cel shading, no background

Furry art♡

clean lineart, simple shading, pattern background

My mlp oc Sundae

rough sketch, simple/no shading (block colour example), no background

Dogboy oc Sae

sketch (somewhat cleaned), shading, no background

more Sae

sketch (somewhat cleaned), shading, simple background

More of the dog!!

rough sketch, no colour (older piece)