My name is Jay! On this page you can learn a little about me, my tastes and interests!

I am a 20 year old something-or-other from the UK, I love rats, pigeons and worms :) I'll be honest, I dont know much html! This sites 'bones' so to speak were made by my dear friend wardof, who you can find linked at the bottom of each page, other than the huge help and parts made by him, I'm learning as I go! I'm happy to share anything I've learned about html, and help with any struggles you have to my best ability! Just hmu on one of my accounts over on my contacts page :D

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My main interests right now are Vocaloid (and pjsekai), Omori, MLP, JJBA, Sky COTL, and Mob Psycho! I have a soft spot for stuffed animals and anything considered vermin. My favourite colour is pink, followed by yellowy-orange and sky blue. I love girly slice of life and romance anime, cute clothes and sweets. You can probably guess the era of the internet I grew up on purely from the characters all over this site alone! My favourite movies are Kingsman the Golden Circle, Ratatoullie, About Time, Enchanted, The Devil Wears Prada and Princess Diaries. Here is a page entirely dedicated to my skrunklies! (favourite characters who hold a special place in my heart♡)


My fav music is pop-rock, emo, rock and 90s dance tunes! I'll leave a selection of my current favourites just below!

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